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Gender Pay Gap Information 22/01/18

This report is an equality measure that shows the difference in average earnings between males and females employed by QFC.

Using a data source of 5th April 2017, the QFC workforce consisted of 79% males and 21% females.  There is a higher percentage of males due to the nature of the manufacturing processes.

Gender Pay & Bonus Gap:

Mean Gender Pay Gap -22.13%
Median Gender Pay Gap -12.9%
Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap 53.3%
Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap 83.7%


Proportion of employees receiving a bonus:

Males 2.4%              Females 11.6%


quartile pay bands


The gender pay gap demonstrates the pay rates for females are higher than males however, this is due a lower number of females employed across the business and typically they hold technical and senior positions.  Bonus payments are discretionary in recognition of additional responsibilities and performance, awarded to a small number of employees. They represent 0.9% of the total annual pay bill.

In 2017, the company introduced a formal process for all employees to engage in development discussions in the annual performance review process. All employees will have the opportunity to identify training needs and discuss career aspirations and opportunities with their Line Manager.

A Recruitment Policy was introduced in November 2017, to continue to improve on internal recruitment processes.  This was raised through the Employee Engagement Group.

QFC will continue to recruit and select employees with relevant skills in appropriate roles encouraging applicants from minority represented groups.